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Simply Thrive is for you when you're ready to:

  • Stop overeating
  • Let go of food cravings
  • Lose weight for the last time
  • Reconnect to your best health - in both mind and body.

You'll get all the tools you need and none of the fluff. And you have personalized support and honest, loving, hands-on coaching to guarantee your success.

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I help people maximize their health while expanding possibility. 

I know you're tired. And frustrated. And you just want to FEEL BETTER. And you worry that you won't ever be able to stop overeating. And you struggle with balance, boundaries, and saying "no thank you" as your stress or your family or your job get in the way of feeling fantastic at the same time. Life is stressful, you can reduce your stress, stop overeating and build that sexy, healthy body you want while eating in a way that is sustainable and feels good for you, long term.

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I am a healthy mindset coach, rheumatologist, and a former emotional overeater. I've created Simply Thrive as the last online resource you'll ever need to give you the step-by-step strategy as well as the mindset you need to lose weight for the last time.  You'll heal your relationship with food and build emotional resilience that empowers you to show up confidently in every situation. Weekly live coaching and the Simply Thrive community are included for additional support.

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Health is your greatest wealth


Lose Weight

Step by step weight loss strategy combined with mindset genius to get you results. 

Be 100% You

You're unique. What works for some people may not work for you. Your body responds differently to stress, food, and exercise. Your plan will be unique for you - and you'll create a plan easily to help you thrive long-term. Live without compromising what's most important to you - including your food, lifestyle, and social life. 

Overcome Emotional Eating

All overeating is emotional eating. Learn how to nourish your body, mind, and self while building confidence and letting go of the desire to overeat for good. You'll never fear or avoid food again.


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  • Proven weight loss strategies: 6 modules with videos and worksheets to give you both strategy and mindset
  • Clear guidance on emotional eating, triggers, processing emotions, letting go of food cravings, reconnecting your mind-body to feel calm, confident, and empowered
  • Modules on common reasons people stop losing, backtrack and self-sabotage
  • Stress Reduction Seminar: How to decrease your stress by 50% in less than 24 hours
  • Live weekly coaching for honest, loving feedback in a safe container: troubleshoot, plan, and execute your success with confidence
  • The ST Community is the place to ask questions, get help, and connect with other courageous individuals to assist you in your journey

All of this for only $199 to join and then $19 per month. You can stay as long as you want to. The goal is to get you to your best health so you can go live your life confidently as quickly as possible.

I'll see you all inside! I'm so excited for your success - I know you can achieve your best health and elevate your life to thrive. Let's do this.

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